One button does it all.

Designed by School Security Experts
The first school alert system developed by experienced security consultants.
GuardianCall was developed based on extensive study of school shootings, failures during previous emergencies, and years of experience helping schools in developing improved emergency communications systems and response plans.
Time Matters!
During active shooter events, every second counts.
As demonstrated in numerous studies, alert notification and response times are two of the most important factors influencing the degree of tragedy during acts of mass violence.
Simplicity. Reliability. And Redundancy.
The three key elements of effective emergency communications.
Although GuardianCall offers a range of versatile features, our first priority is optimized performance during active shooter events.
Beyond Communications
Fast and reliable alert is only one component of effective school security.
To assist schools in maximizing benefit from GuardianCall and improving their overall level of safety, subscribers are automatically enrolled in the Guardian SafeSchool Network with free access to a range of expert resources.


The first portable panic alarm and alert system designed by school security experts.

GuardianCall was born from a frustration.

As school security consultants, we spent considerable time over the years surveying the market in search of an integrated panic alarm and mass notification system suitable for recommendation to our clients. Although the features and capabilities of existing systems were quite diverse, none of the available panic alert or mass notification systems ever fulfilled our criteria for simplicity, reliability, and immediate alert to all key parties.

After some time, an opportunity emerged to partner with a talented technology developer to create the ideal school alert system we had envisioned for years.

And thus, GuardianCall was born—the first wearable panic alarm and mass notification system designed to optimize performance and compensate for real-world communications problems in American schools.

One button does it all.

One button press 
calls 911.
audibly alerts all faculty.
sends SMS text alerts.
sends email alerts.
autodials cell phones.

Although GuardianCall can be configured to issue emergency messages using a range of methods, the defining element  is the GuardianCall alert device worn by faculty and school staff. The GuardianCall device features a personal alert speaker for receiving audible alert messages and a panic button reserved for active shooter/imminent threat situations.

When an active shooter situation is recognized, pressing and holding the button on the GuardianCall device opens a direct call to 911 while simultaneously issuing a series of redundant alerts to faculty and staff.

The GuardianCall School Alert and Mass Notification System

Simple. Reliable. Fully Integrated.

GuardianCall is a fully-integrated school panic alarm and emergency alert system providing a range of features and capabilities unrivaled by mass notification systems to date.

The GuardianCall School Alert and Mass Notification System

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