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What’s the big deal about time?

During active shooter events, it's all about time!

During active shooter events in schools, the integrated performance of physical security and response actions is fundamentally a math problem defined by key times and probabilities. And the time between initial detection of an attack and school-wide lockdown and police intervention have a major influence on the overall consequences of an event.

Unfortunately, in many school shootings, failure or delay in critical response actions results in tragic outcome.

Timeline of Previous School Shootings

Every second counts!

Based on data yielded during studies of active shooter attacks, there is one casualty every 15 seconds while an event is active.[1] Any and all measures that expedite response have a direct benefit in mitigating the consequences of an attack.

As school security consultants, we’re always seeking improvement, if even the slightest edge, to reduce our clients’ response times and increase the reliability of alerts. Every second of improvement adds up with the potential benefit of one life saved every fifteen seconds.

And this was our first priority in designing GuardianCall. 

With GuardianCall, all key alerts are automatically issued with a single button press—greatly expediting the response of faculty, students, and police!

[1] Anklam, Charles, Adam Kirby, Filipo Sharevski, and J. Eric Dietz. “Mitigating Active Shooter Impact: Analysis for Policy Options Based on Agent/computer-based Modeling.” Journal of Emergency Management 13.3 (2014): 201-16.


The school panic alarm and mass notification system designed for optimized speed and reliability

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