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The GuardianCall Approach

An Effective Imminent Threat / Active Shooter (Code Red) Plan for Schools

GuardianCall was developed based on the study of hundreds of school shootings, system failures during previous emergencies, and years of experience aiding schools in developing improved emergency communications infrastructure and active shooter (Code Red) response plans.

Although GuardianCall offers a versatile range of features, our foremost priority is optimized performance during active shooter events by reducing response times and ensuring reliable notification under high-stress conditions.

The following diagram illustrates how GuardianCall expedites and simplifies staff actions in active shooter (Code Red) response plans.

Example of GuardianCall Employed in a School Imminent Threat / Active Shooter (Code Red) Plan

Click the following accordion to view an example of a complete school active shooter / imminent threat (CODE RED) response plan using GuardianCall to expedite and simplify emergency alerts.

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